José De La Rosa

Real estate expert since 1999


Jose De La Rosa is a real estate licensee in the State of Georgia since 1999, member of The Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtor, NAMAR and National Association of Realtor. He has represented Buyers, Sellers, Tenants and Landlords on residential and commercial transactions, purchasing, selling and leasing. Since 1999 He has negotiated and closed millions of dollars on real estate transactions, with all the transactions where he represented buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords and his continued education over the years he has become an expert on the field.

His background includes co-founder and chief of operations for Atlanta Design District, Inc. a design and construction company, working on join ventures developing commercial and residential projects from design on a budget to build, his expertise on the field includes construction estimating, plan development, space use design, space use per zoning ordinances, developing the max use of the space. His team includes architects, engineers and developers.

His expertise on the design and construction field had become the main key to succeed on all real estate transactions been able to negotiate knowing the exact and max use of each property and concept’s cost.  

Full-service commercial real estate providing regional market expertise and comprehensive services to clients, investors and business’s owners. Offering commercial real estate services including Buyer/Tenant’s representation, Seller/Landlord’s representation, strategic planning, investment analysis and development.




Closing Real Estate transactions since 1999 in the State of Georgia, and a consistent training on the current market, Jose De La Rosa offers a professional and strategic representation on your future buy/sell experience. He is a detail-oriented, creative dealmaker and problem solver with a commitment to developing relationships of trust with clients, an astute understanding of negotiation tactics and the perseverance to get the job done no matter what obstacles arise.

Search and Strategy

With a strong relationship with the brokerage community and access to the biggest real estate engines and associations, Jose De La Rosa provides a smart and strategic property’s search and research. His team provides a pricing strategy to meet his client’s expectations based on recent comparable transactions on similar properties, with a client-oriented service and a tactical and strategic planning.

Property Analysis and Potentials

Jose and his team offer the development of a targeted marketing strategies, space & financial analysis, market, tenant improvements negotiations and more. With the latest software tools for real estate and design, and his experience on the planning and construction business, an extensive property research is made on every transaction to create preliminary studies and conceptual site plans and floor plans for the property’s maximum potential of development, with no extra cost.


With his online exposure and his relationship on the real estate industry, his listings reach the most possible potential buyers, streamlining the sell process.